The author (each co-author) gives the Publisher, for the duration of copyright, all the rights to the articles, including the rights to translate, reproduce, republish, transmit, distribute or otherwise use the materials for publication in scientific, educational, technical or professional journals or other periodicals and derivative works, in print and electronic versions of journals, periodicals and derivative works in all means and formats that exist at the moment and which may have arisen in the future, as well as the right to allow third parties to use materials for publication in other scientific journals, periodicals and monographs.
The transfer of rights includes the right to process the presentation of materials using computer programs and systems (databases), for their use and reproduction, publication and distribution in electronic format and introduction into search systems (databases).
Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use of the materials contained in the article should be accompanied by a link to the Journal and a reference to the Publisher.
The author (each co-author) of the materials retains all rights of the owner of the materials, including patent rights to any processes, methods or methods, etc., as well as rights to trademarks.
The publisher allows the author (each co-author) of the following materials:
1. The right to use printed or electronic versions of the article materials in the form and content accepted by the Publisher for publication in a journal.
2. The right to copy or transfer free of charge to colleagues a copy of the printed article in whole or in part for their personal or professional use, for the promotion of academic or scientific research or for the educational process or other informational purposes not related to commercial purposes.
3. The right to use materials from a published article in a book written by the author (co-authors), monographs, textbooks, teaching aids and other scientific and popular science publications.
4. The right to use individual drawings or tables and text passages from materials for their own learning purposes or for inclusion in other work that is printed (in printed or electronic format) by a third party, or for presentation in electronic format to internal computer networks or external sites of the author (co-authors).
5. The right to include materials for textbooks and manuals for use in the classroom, for free distribution of the author’s materials (co-authors) among students, graduate students and researchers, or to store materials in electronic format on a local server for free access of students as part of the course as well as for internal tutorials.
The author (s) agree that each copy of the materials, or any part thereof, distributed or posted by them in printed or electronic format will contain an indication of the copyright provided for in the Journal and a full link to the Publisher's Journal.
The author (co-authors) guarantees that the materials are original work and are presented for the first time for consideration only in this journal and have not been published before. If the materials were written jointly with the co-authors, the author guarantees that he informed them about the conditions of publication of the materials and received their signatures or written permission to sign on their behalf.
If the materials include excerpts from the works or there are references to works protected by copyright and belong to a third party, the author must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to use such materials and make reference to the source.
The author also guarantees that the materials do not contain defamatory statements and do not encroach on the rights (including without limitation the copyright, patent or trademark rights) of others, and do not contain materials or instructions that may cause harm or damage to third parties. The author (each co-author) guarantees that their publication will not lead to the disclosure of secret or confidential information (including state secrets).
The Publisher undertakes to publish the materials in a timely manner and to provide the author (co-authors) upon request with an electronic print of the materials after their publication, subject to the Publisher being provided with an email.
When using materials, the Publisher does not pay the fee to the author (co-authors), because the use of materials does not provide for profit.
This Agreement shall enter into force in the event and since the time the editorial board of the journal made the decision to accept the materials for publication. If the materials are not accepted for publication or for publication in the journal, the author (authors) has withdrawn the work, this Agreement does not acquire (lose) force.