Dear our colleagues, readers and authors! 

The first issue of our magazine (then it was called «Republican interdepartmental scientific and technical collection of articles «Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment» was signed for publication in August 1965 and printed by typography Kharkov State University. 
It's been 50 years since the first issue was released. During this time more than 2000 different scientific and technical materials have been published on its pages – scientific articles, reports on scientific and technical conferences, information materials about scientific and industrial developments, greetings to scientists, reviews of scientific publications, and advertising electrical products.

 Cover of the first issue of the journal. 1965 year

Initiator, organiser and first editor-in-chief of the collection during the first 10 years of its publication (in 1965-1975) was Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Konstantin K. Balashov – famous scientist in the field of technical and economic research of electrical machines and transformers. In the working style of the editori-al board, he laid the traditions of democracy (accepting for publication articles by authors of different scientific qualifications - from students to academicians), principles (evaluation of the article on its scientific level and the novelty of the main scientific provisions) and benevolence to authors and colleagues.
The publication of this scientific and technical collection was of great importance for familiarisation of the scientific community of our country and abroad with the latest achievements of Ukrainian scientists in the field of electromagnetic and electromechanical converters of electrical energy, automated electromechanical systems, mathematics and software for automated synthesis, and analysis of electro-mechanical and computer systems, and information technology. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this scientific and technical publication for the formation and scientific growth of young scientists not only of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, but also of Ukraine and foreign countries.
To the editorial board of the collection of articles were invited Leading experts and scientists, heads of profiling departments of electro-technical specialties at Ukrainian universities, who were providing training for qualified engineers and scientists in electrical and computer specialties. Much work to improve the scien-tific level of the collection was carried out by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences A. M. Korytin and Vice-Rector ONPU V. A. Parail, who played a major role in the development of scientific contacts, and the creation and growth of new research areas in universities and academic institutions. With each new release, the importance of the collection of articles increased, in it were published works by such famous electrical engineering scientists I. M. Postnikov, T. P. Gubenko, V. S. Davydov, K. K. Bal-ashov, M. K. Zakharov, A. M. Korytin, L. A. Radchenko, L. P. Petrov, V. T. Bardachevsky, V. A. Parail, R. P. Gerasimyak, M. G. Popovich, V. V. Voitekh, V. B. Klepikov, O. Y. Lozinsky, O. V. Sadovoy, L.V. Akimov, O. A. Andryushchenko, L. V. Vishnevsky, V. I. Tkachuk, V. F. Shinkarenko, A. A. Stavinsky, S. N. Radimov, as well as a new generation - young candidates of technical sciences, PhD candidates , PhD students and Master's and Bechelor's students.

Konstantin Konstantinovich Balashov

In 1975, after the death of Prof. K. K. Balashov, a well-known scientist in the field of electric drive dynamics, Doctor of Technical Sciences Lev P. Petrov became the chief editor of the republican collection of articles. He continued and multiplied the best traditions of the collection, improved the composition and work of the editorial board, contributed to expansion of its subject, sought to popularise everything new and progressive in the field of improving electric drive control systems and elements of electromagnetic and electromechanical converters of electrical energy. 

Lev Polikarpovich Petrov

In Soviet times, the publication of the collection was funded by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Ukraine. In the early 1990s, this funding was discontinued and many special publications of those times ceased to be published. To ensure the publication of the collection, L. P. Petrov stepped up scientific and business ties with leading scientists of Ukraine, research institutes, manufacturing enterprises and universities of Ukraine, expanded the subject matter of published articles. This enabled general support to be obtained from Ukrainian scientists and organisations that financially helped to publish the collection (as co-publishers) and the collection continued to be published on the basis of self-sufficiency. These are organisations such as: branch office of ITC "Siemens-Ukraine" (director V. I. Kalashnikov), PJSC Odeskabel (Head of Department V. Iorgachev), Odessa port plant, Ukrainian Research Institute of Power Electronics "Preobrazovatel" (Zaporizhia), Novokakhovsky Polytechnic Institute (Director L. M. Radvanskaya ), National University Lviv Polinnika (Dean O. Yu. Lozinsky), Poltava State University (Rector O. G. Onishchenko), Ukrainian State Maritime University in Nikolaev (Rector G. F. Romanovsky), Odessa Polytechnic University (Rectors S. M. Yampolsky and V. P. Malakhov). The enormous working efficiency of Professor L. P. Petrov and the effectiveness of his activity are evidenced by the fact that, along with the leadership of the collection for 22 years, he published 10 monographs, 170 scientific works and inventions and prepared 16 candidates of technical sciences.

In 1997, Professor L. P. Petrov passed away and as executive editor was elected Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Rostislav P. Gerasimyak, who since 1985 has been a member of the editorial board and deputy chief editor of the collection. Thus, continuity was preserved in the management of the collection. R. P. Gerasimyak continued to expand the scientific themes of the collection in the direction of the development of computer equipment and its application for modeling, diagnostics and management of technical objects. In addition, new specialists were introduced to the editorial board, including from foreign countries, and the interde-partmental republican collection from number 77 (in 2010) received the status of a journal with the title « Electrotechnical and computer systems ». The editorial board of the journal includes 30 Doctors of Technical Sciences from all regions of Ukraine, as well as from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany and Russia.

Rostislav Pavlovich Gerasimyak

Tragically, Rostislav Pavlovich in recent years became seriously ill and in December 2015 passed away. For 18 years, he led the interdepartmental collection, carried out its successful reorganization and elevated its status to that of an international journal. Along with the management of the journal’s editorial board, he carried out a large amount of scientific work and led a seminar of the Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of dynamics of electromechanical alternating current systems, published 5 monographs, 6 teaching aids and more than 250 scientific articles, prepared 17 candidates of technical sciences, actively participated in the work of specialised councils for the defence of doctoral theses, and at the same time was a principled, purposeful and kind person.

Since 2015, the editor-in-chief of the journal has been Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Dmitry A. Maevsky.

Today, the subject matter of the journal provides coverage of scientific and technical problems in 14 areas, which are divided into headings: Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, Information Science and Computer Engineering, Information Measuring Technologies, and Innovations. The editorial board consists of two deputy chief editors - for electrical and computer systems. Now the editorial board of the journal and its new chief editor are faced with a difficult but urgent task: in conditions of reforming science and higher edu-cation in Ukraine, to increase the scientific level of the journal, and maintain its high authority, competitiveness and importance among other scientific publications of the country. For this, by strategic plans of the editorial board are provided further increasing of the journal in scientific and innovative level, its inclusion in the world's leading scientific-methodological bases – SCOPUS or WEB OF SCIENCE. By actively working together we can successfully solve these problems.