To the study of electric tape-drive mechanisms.

  • Н. В. Богданова
  • В. М. Чернышев
  • Г. М. Шостак


The results of the study of cinema-photo electrical drive systems are presented. The purpose of using to compensate for changes in the size of an air cushion in the drying path of an electric drive with electric motors with the properties of a moment source is shown. A method for studying the compensation system taking into account the elastic properties of an air cushion is shown. implementation on a high-performance extrusion irrigation machine.

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Богданова, Н., Чернышев, В., & Шостак, Г. (2019). To the study of electric tape-drive mechanisms. Electrotechnic and Computer Systems, (25(25), 44-47. Retrieved from
Automated electromechanical systems