Universal digital model of regulatory systems.

  • Г. П. Борейко
  • Ш. Ш. Клейман
  • С. Г. Мельникова


The technique of universal digital modeling of automatic control systems by electric drives is considered. The proposed digital model is suitable for calculating processes in control systems of arbitrary structure. The main structure of the calculation is the block diagram and parameters of the links. schemas. For dynamic links, a universal operational link algorithm is given, with the help of which The most common types of links of control systems are counted. The proposed model makes it possible to reduce the time for programming tasks for calculating transients in control systems.

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Борейко, Г., Клейман, Ш., & Мельникова, С. (2019). Universal digital model of regulatory systems. Electrotechnic and Computer Systems, (24(24), 03-10. Retrieved from https://eltecs.op.edu.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/876
Automated electromechanical systems